Nevrwhy Launch Video: Everything worthwhile starts with an announcement video. The Fox News Challenge: Stony decides to spend a few weeks seeing things from a different political perspective. Obadiah Zombone- Part One: Obadiah Zombone was recently named the Treasury Secretary by President Donald J. Trump. This is his story. The Bernie Sanders Episode: While attempting […]

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A Power Rangers Comedy

Remember the Power Rangers of yesteryear? Here they are, but for a mature audience. Episode 1- “Music” The team attempts to take down a monster, but Billy’s choice of music just isn’t sitting right with Jason. Episode 2- “Go Power Rangers!” Jason is disturbed to learn that Zordon doesn’t care very much for him or […]

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Bathroom Billy

Episode 1: PILOT Billy moves into his new apartment but makes a frightening discovery about his flatmates. [youtube] Episode 2: “Love At First Sight” Billy gets a surprising call from the authorities, some advice from his mum, and meets a girl. [youtube] Episode 3: “Wedding Bells” Billy takes his assimilation to the next […]

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