Bathroom Billy- About The Production: Part 1

When a British blogger moves to America for a shot at fame and fortune, he must contend with right wing extremist room mates, a psychotic girlfriend and a vicious attack dog. Will his vlog rocket him to stardom? Or will his mind snap like a Toblerone bar?

Vlogs Are Terrible.

They’re long, they’re uninteresting, and nine times out of ten, they exist as backdoor commercials for growing brands, or worse, an original clothing line.

To be clear, I’m not talking about genuine content creators who work tirelessly to produce thoughtful, well researched content. As a matter of fact, I find those channels wonderful.

No, I’m talking about the vlogs that follow a misogynist on his quest for the ultimate party, the model who loves makeup or the “every man” who just wants to share the events of his day.

There’s a special kind of narcissism on display in this content. And its a product of our “give me attention” internet culture.

I formed the idea for Bathroom Billy one night after watching one of the worst vlogs I had ever seen. The vlogger was boring, the setting sucked and –worst of all– it used the stock music and motion graphics that come packaged with imovie. If you work in media like I do, some awful music just popped into your head. But there was something about this vlogger’s persistence that impacted me; He really believed that he was going to be launched to stardom, that his life was fascinating and that he could impart wisdom to his adoring fans. Fans that didn’t exist.  Oh and he also had a clothing line. So naturally I watched every single video he ever produced. And in doing so, I discovered something about creativity in general;

We’re All Pathetic Failures…

…until we’re not.  It’s our attitude towards failure that often gets in our way. 

My Vlogger–Billy– would have the same indomitable spirit that the boring vlogger possessed. He would believe in his heart of hearts that he was destined for greatness, so much so in fact that he’d skip the pond to America in the pursuit of fame. He would live with right-wing extremists, but still see the silver lining. His girlfriend would harass him, but his devotion to her wouldn’t budge.

Until of course his attitude changes… Obstacles grow larger and instead of lumping it up, he sees them as insults to his destiny.

That’s Billy in a nutshell, a naive guy, producing mediocre vlogs because he believes they’ll rocket him to stardom. But of course they don’t and they likely never will. But not because he’s a talentless hack (at least not completely). It’s his shift in attitude. So Billy becomes something far worse than a vlogger. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week when I cover the mechanics of producing the webseries, my workflow and why I chose to play Billy myself. Just gonna tell you now,  it gets pretty buddhist-y.