Special Projects

Welcome to Stony Browder’s special projects page. What you’ll find here will vary from web series’, to podcasts to concept trailers. All are imaginative but some are daring. Unless otherwise noted, special projects were written, edited and produced by Stony Browder.

Post production was completed with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer. Compositing and animation were completed with Adobe After Effects.

Bathroom Billy (Web Series)

When a British vlogger uproots his life and moves to America for a shot at fame and fortune, he discovers things aren’t exactly as they seem. Now he has to navigate the perils of dating and manage a work life balance all while living with right wing extremists.

A Power Rangers Comedy (Web Series)

The Power Rangers franchise has been a staple in children’s lives since the early 1990s… What if it was a little funnier and made for an older audience?


Nevrwhy is a place for political commentary and satire.

My Story

An unnamed vigilante re-enacts his misadventures in Hollywood.

Tom and Barbara

When an alcoholic couple finally decides to turn their lives around and sober up, they mistakenly run afoul a powerful cult.

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